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Welcome to our Producers & Traders Wiki with currently 672 pages!

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Producers & Traders is complex economy simulation, which seems to be quite difficult to understand at first appearance. That's why this wiki shell enable you to find your way around and all necessary information.

If you want to participate in the wiki or if you have tips for improvement of single pages, if you noticed an error or missing information, please write a mail to the city hall.
Also contact us, if you have improvements for our english translation!
Thank you very much!

To find a middleway between quick access to information and clarity our mainpage is created as a link collecition which is sorted in several categories.

Help for Beginners

Life is tough for new managers. In this category you will find all the important information, from first steps up to the manuel.

Jump Start

Getting started is hard for everyone, but we support you with the following guides.

Quickstart: Small but mighty guide for the first steps towards big business.

Quickstart tutorial: detailed step-by-step-tutorial for creating your first successfull building.

The Trader: All basic information for trading.

The Producer: All basic information for producing.


manual: The manual holds information for every in Producers & Traders existing page. Its structure resembles the structure of the gamemenu. To each page links to more further information are placed.


For a better clarity we have two FAQs:

Game-FAQ: structured overview to the most important question topics.

FAQ: collection of questions, which feeds on the forum and the chat.

When happens What?

when happens what: A well-assorted collection of all appointments and procedures in the game.

Products and Buildings

In this category you find links to all types of buildings and to the enormous procut information.

Stores: All stores, sorted by level, on one view and with assignment of associated products.

Production buildings: All production buildings, sorted by level, on one view and with assignment of associated products.

Company buildings: Advertising agency and research lab at a glance with further links.

Warehouses: Warehouse and cooling warehouse at a glance.

Products: All existing products at a glance with links to enormous further information.

collection of Knowlege

In the collection of knowledge links to subcategories and also on specific topics sorted links are listed. From here you can find all important information that you need for a successful management.


Index: Alphabetical listing of all wiki-pages.

Trade and Production

Trade: Link collection on Trade.

Production: Link collection on Production.


Employee: Basic information about your staff with further links.

Staff training: Abstract about staff training.

Staff costs: Abstract about staff costs.

Staff: Link collection with all wiki pages holding information about staff.

PLUS Acount

PLUS: Link collection to all features unlocked by the plus-account.


Fleet: Information about the fleet.

Truck: Information about the different trucks.

Level Up

Level up: All about the managerlevel.


Consortium: All about the consortium.


Factor: Detailed description of the factor and his mechanics.

Financial system

Financial system: Detailed description of the Financial system with a lot of examples.


Fusing: Detailed description of fusing two buildings to one.