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What's Producers & Traders?

Producers & Traders is an economic simulation with long-term motivation. Producers & Traders always offers new challenges posed by the tier system and the ability to play producer and seller. It is at the moment a pure leisure project and is currently in public beta test phase.



Here you will find all your buildings numerically sorted in a list by the building ID. The filter lists only the desired buildings.
It is possible to expand the size of each production and sales building. The building size (increased the number of potential employees) and the storage size can be increased arbitrarily. The wages of the employees must be paid, even if the building is closed.
The Durability of all products decreases every two hours by 2 hours. Coolable products, which are located in the Colling Warehouse, loose only 1h Durability all 2h. The personnel costs for 2 hours will be deducted, of course, only when the building is not closed for longer than 2 hours and the staff are laid off. On the overview page you will find information about the transports, building values, amounts and inputs/outputs of each building, as well as at the bottom the option to sell buildings . If the last login date is more than 72 hours ago, all buildings of the manager will be closed. At level 2, the condition of the building will be reduced periodically and they need to be repaired with money regurlarly. The training of employees is only meaningful in the game later on.

In the FAQ you can view a list of possible actions in the building overview.


If a storage slot is free, the goods will be stored automatically. In order to bring the goods into the sale, a sale price must be entered and sellers have to be assigned (at least one).
Per 50m² sales area a new employee can be hired. The sale runs from 8:05 to 23:50, every 15 minutes. At the first saletick the salecounters in the stores will be resetted. Besides the current stock(quantity) are also three smaller numbers about each other, the top number is the quantity sold today, the middle number the amount that you could sell if enough sellers would have been assigned, and the lower the percentage deviation of the two. The cashbook is important as well, you can look up, when and how much of each product has been sold.
In the store you will also find information about the factor in the stores and the range of stores.
Each newly built shop has 2 shelves and a range of 6.
As a Plusfunction building statistics can be found.

Production plants

You can only store as much products as you have storage slots (Note that the produced goods need a slot as well).
After an automatic receiving of goods there will always stay at least 10m² available. It isn't possible to allocate this space by manual receiving of goods or by expanding the area of the production. You can enter as much production lines as researched. Production lines have to be started.
Per 50m² production area a new employee can be hired, in factories per 20m² production area. Here you can find the Information about the producer price calculation, here the ones about the quality calculation and here about Advertisment for the Reputation of a product.
Each newly built Production plant has 4 storage slots and one production line.

Company Building

Per 100m² a new employee can be hired.

Advertising Agency : maximum 10 +5 per level campaigns possible per agency. Every 30 minutes the advertising values will be calculated new. The self-produced end products and the own stores can be advertised. Maximum 40 people per slot.

Research laboratory : maximum 10 +5 per level researches at the same time in an Agency. You can research here quality for your products or research new products. You have been given 2 products in beginning, all the others products have to be researched. Maximal 40 employees per slot.



Here is the financial report on the business achievements of today and the total time. Here you will find further details about this: the financial system .
Here you will find important information about the general development of your Company in the last 10 days. Every night around 0 clock the statistics are shifted by one day. Turnover, profit and profit margin are up-to-date, goodwill is 00:01 last night.

Statement of account

Here you find all the money transactions of the last days.


Here you can buy and sell vehicles, you can see where are which vehicles, and what they have loaded etc.. Also, the repair is possible. From 1 million goodwill vehicles begin to wear off. Without vehicles products can not be sent. The products from the wholesale market have to be transport by own vehicles as well. The delivery time between buildings depends on the distance between the buildings, the condition of the lorry and the education of the driver. The lorries have pallets (as example the Transporter 2, small truck 4, big truck 8, tractor 12) and every pallet can be loaded with about 400 kg. Different products can be loaded by the parking-option. For Plus users it is possible to create Automatic transports, delivery contracts (at least level 1) and look into the delivery lists of the last days.
At the beginning of the game you have to buy a vehicle in the depot in the town where you start.

Status of the vehicles

Image Importance
Vehicle is unused and free Vehicle is unused and free
Vehicle is on the road Vehicle is on the road
Vehicle has reached its destination and can be discharged Vehicle has reached its destination and can be discharged
Vehicle is parked and loaded (partially) Vehicle is parked and loaded (partially)
Vehicle is repaired Vehicle is repaired

Purchasable vehicles

Type Image Price Capacity Prerequisite
Transporter Transporter 20.000€ 2 pallets (2VE) -
Small Truck Kleiner LKW 40.000€ 4 pallets (4VE) -
Big Truck Großer LKW 80.000€ 8 pallets (8VE) -
Tractor Sattelzug 120.000€ 12 pallets (12VE) Level 1


Here you can save business contacts.


Here you will find everything about personnel. Further details are given under personnel within the company in the FAQ


Here is the manager area. You can cash out Manager salary and buy new status symbols.


The password, e-mail address, manager name and the company name can be changed here. It is also possible to delete the account or to start from the beginning (Reset). The Company ID is here as well, which should be quotted in bug reports please. You can upload a company logo and a manager logo. The max. size is 150 x 150 and max 50kb.
Here is also the holiday mode to find more information, visit holiday. Here you can turn off the info boxes or activate the Facebook-login. Simply take out the hook or press activate!


Offer / Search

Here is the bulletin board where you can post short information. However, the same rules apply as in the chat. Impropriety information will be deleted without hesitation.

Map P/V

Here you will find the map of the city and the production and sale buildings of the player. The colours have an specially meaning for the primary materials production, because you will get a time bonus on darker property.

Map F/K

Here you will find the map of the city and the companies and consortium buildings of the players.

wholesale market

In the wholesale market you can buy and sell goods. Every 2 hours the stock of the local dealers gets restocked. To buy goods, own vehicles are needed. Note the capacity of the vehicles. You can also send different products in the same vehicle into the same building.
The own storage area in the wholesale market depends on the storage area your own buildings have in a city (except stores) + usual area. The rule is: Storage area of City / 4 + 1000

At the top left you can sort by product and at the top right by the product group (Green = raw , red = intermediate and black = final product ) and sale buildings.

Own products on the wholesale market can be send back to the building it came from. The goods can also be sold to the local dealers to poor prices, the price can be changed and the products can be moved to the consortium marketplace.

The consortium leader has to create it first. The setup fee is 10000 €.
Afterwards each member of the consortium has access to it. It can be found in the wholesale market at the bottom right! The running costs are 500 € for the consortium !
In order to send goods to the consortium marketplace use the ID 10

Town hall

Here you will find the most important data of the city such as population, number of employees, number of buildings owned by players and the economic barometer, which governs the reference prices of the local seller in the shops. You can also access the consortium .


If you've got enough money left at the end of the month, you can take out a loan. Only 10 days after the company was founded, the bank grants loans. The base rate is calculated daily and deducted at 23:55 clock. The credit interest and the MRP rates are calculated per day at 23:55. The credit limit is based on the goodwill and on the level, beginning at 50% of the average goodwill of the last 10 days.


Here you will find the current internal newspaper for Reibach the Reibach Times. Release date is every 1-2 months. If your interested to write an article, contact AG Valley.

Business Directory

Plus only: This is an overview of the producers of the several products and the owner of several stores.

Product Overview


Here you will find the sales overview of the goods (available only with Flash Player). Total Sales shows the last 10 days. The market shares of producers and market shares of the sellers of today are always there. The 2nd Flash Chart can be changed by clicking the business name, dealer name, or brand name.
All stores are listed that currently sell this product. By clicking on an image of a product you will be transfered to the sales figures of the product.

Product Overview

This is the Product Overview. All information which are needed to produce a produt are shown here.

Own Products

Here is the product overview of the own products, their quality, their reputation, their currently outstanding amounts (for end-products) as well as the hook for quality in research or Reputation Extension. On the right is the status active or inactive, so you can set a filter of goods into two categories. Each product which has been researched once, can be set inactive. It will have the following effects:

  • It will not be displayed under active products
  • It can not be advertised or the quality researched
  • It does not appear in City / Business Directory and because of that it can not be seen by other players.

Purchase History

This is the overview of which inhabitants have already been shopping. Only the half of the population buys every day. So there will be a chessboard at the end of the day.

Market Overview

Here you will find the percentage distribution of the produced goods by managers sorted by stores. Goods in other buildings flow into the competent stores as well. The values ​​correspond to the percentage of the previous day.
red = over 75%
yellow = between 50% and 75%
green = 50% or less



Here are the rankings sorted by goodwill, profit, revenue, profit divided by goodwill and the consortia rankings. (Grey marked players have received a warning, red marked players have been blocked)


Here are lists of the largest factories, the most turnover, etc... and many other different categories.

Managers online

List of all managers who are currently in the game.

Manager directory

List of all managers. By entering names you can search companies. After 50 days of inactivity, these managers will be transacted, which means all buildings will be demolished and the staff dismissed.

Build Menu

At the start you can explore the first two Building Licenses (BL) within 5 seconds. City and type of BL does not matter.
The first building that you build can be built in a short time. Note the price of land .

Building Licenses

Here you can apply for Building licenses to build new buildings. At the beginning you have 2 building licenses that you can use freely. No matter what kind of building or in what city.

Production building

Here, depending on the level and the owned building permits production buildings can be built. The minimum size is 70 square meters and the maximum size is 10,000 m² (+10,000 sqm per level of the player). At level 5, the building size limit is lifted. Such buildings are from 1500 m² and above profitable.


Here, depending on the level and the owned building permits businesses can be built. The minimum size is 70 square meters and the maximum size is 10,000 m² (+10,000 sqm per level of the player). At level 5, the building size limit is lifted.

Company building

Here, depending on the level and the owned building permits company buildings can be built. The minimum size is 100 square meters and the maximum size is 10,000 m² (+10,000 sqm per level of the player). At level 5, the building size limit is lifted.

These buildings should not be built in beginning. You can not make profit with them


Here one can with level 1 and an owned building permit build a warehouse or cold storage. The minimum size is 100m ² and the maximum size is 10,000 sqm (+10,000 sqm per level of the player). At level 5, the building size limit is lifted.

In general, you can always change the storage, or even decrease the building size (minimum size 100 sqm). Even buildings can be rebuilt within its type (eg farm in livestock). These functions are located within the buildings (office / building).



Here you will find the available services for Plus.


Here you can buy Schottertaler.


Here you will find the overview of your Schottertaler (which can be obtained by charging or by Vote on the top left). You can see your current duration of Plus,trade your Schottertaler into Plus days (at least 48 = 1 day) or send the Schottertaler to other players (managers name is needed)!


Plus only: Here you can change the profile.



Here you will find the conditions for the next level and the challenges these will be incorporated into the game after a certain goodwill!
All conditions must be met to the next level in 10 days. (The days need not be consecutive). The progress is displayed in the overview above (number in parentheses).


The first steps can be found here.


This is the link to the manual here in the wiki.


This is the link to the most frequently asked questions: Game-FAQ .


Here is the overview of the sales building with the products which can be sold there.


Here is the overview of the production building with the products which can be produced there.


Here is a direct e-mail connection to the P & T to find support.


Here you'll find the link to the forum. You have register there seperat to be allowed to write something. Some of the pages in the forum can only be read if you are logged in.

P & T Forum


Here you will find the link to the Pandt chat. You will be logged in with your manager name. If you want to use a chat program to go into the chat, you can read about it in the FAQ. A Consortiumchat will be opened to Consortium members.


As soon as the news are red, there is in one of the lower compartments a message for you. This remains red as long as you have not read the message.

Post office box

Here you can receive or send messages. In the overview you can see even if you get new messages.

Company News

Here you will find all the news from your company to read.

Production News

Here you will find all the latest news from the field of production.


Here's a link to the Changelog.


Here you can vote for the game. While the indicator is blue, it is possible for you to obtain Schottertaler. Please help the game and vote!