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Welcome to the quick guide of Producers & Traders. This is a short
introduction of the main functions without any guarantee of completeness.
For further information please read the Manual , Game-FAQ or the Index.
The Forum provides helpful information as well and in the chat - The meeting
point of Schottertal - you will find at nearly any time assistance from other managers.
But it is not like I'm doing nothing for my small official salary,
therefore I created myself this brochure.



At the moment Schottertal has two cities; Reibach and Zasterhausen. Currently Reibach is the the bigger city with a higher population, more customers but also with competition because of the old, well-established companies. To switch between the two cities you can push the the town sign on the topleft. The city of Zasterhausen is directly attached to the eastend of Reibach.


Next to the town sign is your company overview including managers portrait and level indicator next to the company logo. The two Images can be changed under Office => Account. On the far right are some PLUS features. As you can see on the right, you have 10 days PLUS avaiable at the beginning.


Basically there will be differed into three product groups. The raw materials, intermediate goods and end-products. Only end-products can be sold to the urban population. It is not possible to produce, trade or sell all products from the beginning of the game because some of them will be unlocked by reaching a higher manager level. It is the same with the building of some building types.

Choice of the first building

Nothing goes without buildings.
However, the selection of the first building regarding the location, type and size basically determines the success or failure of your company. Therefore you should take your time analysing the market, before you start to build. For the market analysis there are some tools provided.

1 Product Overview => Market Overview
This area shows the percentage of player sales of the total sales, of the actual visited city. At the beginning there is only the Level 0 block of your interest. Of course, this page is only suitable for finding gaps in the market when you start with the idea of​ producing end products or if you want dedicate yourself to the sale.

Product Overview => Overview
This page is the main source of information for all producers.


Here you see

  • which level is required to produce this product and

in which city.

  • how many and what precursors you need and

in which quantity.

  • in which building the production is possible and
  • how long the product is durable.

But the most interesting is certainly the lower part. If the daily needs of Managers are below the daily production and the Stock of the city is very low, the demand for this Product should be very high.


3 city => wholesale market
The wholesale market is a good indicator of a product deficit. If you are looking for your favorite product and there are only a few Offers, it is a sign of under-supply. The offers of the local dealer provide a basic supply. However, these products are always of low quality.

4 city => Sell / Search
This is the notice board of the chosen city. Here Managers offer their goods or are looking for them. Per ingame-message you can secure potent suppliers or Customers fast. Some negotiation skills and a precise control of current prices, of course, is a prerequisite, only a few have an innate helper syndrome here.

5 Products
Before you decide what you want to do first, the following should be mentioned: Surely you've noticed that the offered products are very different from each other, in reputation and quality. Products must be researched in Research laboratories and then improved in quality through continuous development in the same building. The reputation of a final product or a store can be improved in advertising agencies. Since you have only a limited budget in the beginning and the construction of laboratories or agencies would overbreak your budget, the administration of the city university shares two research results with you for. For free! This means, the first two goods produced by you are of sufficient quality, and if it is final, even with reputation, but only the first 2, so choose carefully. For any other product you will need the additional buildings.

Building construction

Enough theory. Time to spend your money. You've decided in which city you want to start? Which product you would like to produce or whether it should be rather a store?
Well, nothing is better than young entrepreneurs with a plan.
First you need a building license for the appropriate building type. You can request them in Building Menu => Building licenses.
Here appears our good settlement policy as well.
Means: The first 2 building licenses will be waved unceremoniously through.
Generally you have to differ when constructing a new building:


Stores can only be built in urban area, which makes also sense. The urban area is represented by white and red fields on the maps.
The darker the colour the higher the population density.
If you have selected the appropriate building type that you want to build, go to City => Map P/S, filter by the according building type and set range on. Now you can see your direct competitors and their range.
Pick a suitable spot for your building. To remember the above displayed coordiantes is always helpful.
If you build a store you have to consider: The price of the property depends on the colour of the building ground.
The darker the more expensive.
Switch to Build Menu => Stores, choose your story type, the size of selling area and storage and at least your location. In the second window you can readjust again. A size of 1.000 m² selling area and 400m² storage should be enough, but of course you can decide on your own.
But keep in mind that you should retain enough cash to pay the articles for sale.
Perfect would be no overlap with other areas of influence, builing in a white surrounded by many dark red fields and without green or blue fields in the range. Isn't possible? Right, that's more wishful thinking.


Factories can be built on any position except for the urban area, because our citizens do not like that very much, and of course not on the river Knete.
When choosing a location you should consider to build your factory near to potential suppliers and customers,
because the transport costs depend on the distance from A to B. However, the property gets more expensive the nearer you get to the city.
To the size: Build as big as possible, because your first building will be finished within 2 minutes.
Again, make sure that you have enough money left to purchase raw materials.

Farms/Animal Husbandries

These types of buildings are buildable on all green areas. The darker the color, the higher the fertility of the lang, which
of course has an effect on the yield. Further factors are identical with the Fabric' ones.
However, a farm or livestock is unsuitable for a successful start. The expected profit is to low in order to expand fast.

Transport of goods

How not need to be transported to expect so purchased or produced goods, of course. There are two options:
1 You have a supplier of the goods provides you with one of his trucks to the door, then you're off the hook
2 You want the wholesale market to buy or supply customers then you need for one or more vehicles. Basically: The part where the truck paid the transport costs.
Do you have a customer in another city then you should take into account the still very high transport costs in your pricing. The purchase of vehicles and to manage your fleet you is the side office => Fleet available..

Concluding remark

Should you have helped my little brochure or you have suggestions regarding help improve it even further, I would be a IGM at >> Adam Laberkovski - happy city administration. << If you have further questions, I am you, of course, under the selfsame address at any time to help. Good luck and maximum profits .... time for lunch break..