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The Trucks are managed at the Fleet-Screen. You can reach it over Office > Transport
In every City there is an independent Fleet depot, these must be managed and expanded separately.

The following Trucks are available in the game:


Sprinter in depot.jpg

  • Costs: 20.000€
  • transport volume 2VE = 2 pallets

Small Truck

Lkw 2VE im Depot.png

  • Costs: 40.000€
  • transport volume 4VE = 4 pallets

Medium Truck

Lkw 4VE im Depot.png

  • Costs: 80.000€
  • transport volume 8VE = 8 pallets
former the Big Truck

Big Truck

Lkw 8VE im Depot.png

  • Costs: 160.000€
  • transport volume 16VE = 16 pallets
  • starting from Manager level 1
Former the Trailer Truck with 12 pallets capacity

Trailer Truck

Lkw 12VE im Depot.png

  • Costs: 320.000€
  • transport volume 32VE = 32 pallets
  • starting from Manager level 3
New Trailer Truck to reduce traffic congestion in Schottertal.

Vehicle wear and tear

These are two completely different things in the game! Even if they are displayed similar in the end.

On one hand, the vehicle wear describes the wear and tear experienced by a vehicle through normal use.

that would simulate the regular maintenance of the wearing parts or the main inspection

In contrast, the vehicle tear describes the wear and tear which the vehicle receives as a result of long driving.

ie signs of aging or not reperable wear is simulated

Vehicle Repair

For every kilometer driven a truck experiences a vehicle wear! This can be repaired by regular repair.

Who forgets this must count on higher fuel costs, as well as longer travel time.

If a truck falls below the 5% mark, he counts as no longer roadworthy and has a ban to leave the depot!

Vehicle Tear (result of long driving)

With the introduction of the new Trailer Truck, the Vehicle Tear was integrated into the game!

For every 5000 kilometers driven, the Trucks now experience Vehicle Tear. This is shown as a 1% repair penalty.

Say a truck that drove 567 km can be repaired up to 100%.
With 5,001 km of driving only 99% are possible,
and from 10,001 km it is then 98% etc.

There is a maximum of down to 20% of possible repair, ie the whole is capped over 400.000 km of driving.